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How to Install Wi-Fi Signal Boosters

A high-speed internet service and an efficient router are the foundation of a strong Wi-Fi connection. Unfortunately, a myriad of factors can hinder a solid connection, from in-home issues like dead spots to signal interference. Thankfully, there are various methods to boost your connection, from specific hardware to simply changing your Wi-Fi settings.

A Wi-Fi Booster is ideal solution to fix the weak signals, if http://lunchboxguitars.com/dealing-effectively-with-accounting-tasks-using-dataroom-software you have trouble streaming video or playing online games, or require a stronger signal throughout your home. Boosters, repeaters, and extenders are designed to boost your wireless network signal and expand it to areas that your current signal cannot reach.

Different WiFi boosters have different functions however they all function in the same way. They plug into an electrical outlet and connect wirelessly to the router. Some are wall-plugs while others sport a more elegant design and are placed on a desk or table. Some are equipped with powerful amplifiers and stronger antennas that can enhance your WiFi coverage across multiple floors, all corners of your home or even your backyard.

Think about a WiFi extender that is simple, such as this one from Netgear and then set it up when you're ready. These extenders are a great option because they're simple to set up and require only an Ethernet cable. They have the WPS button which makes connecting to your router quick and simple. You'll need to place the extender midway between your router and the area you want to amplify, so it can pick up and rebroadcast the most powerful signal.

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